"Pressure Cooker""Icarus in the inferno redux""Sunken Treasure from the Bottom of the Sea"Gala"String of Pearls""Fracture""The Joy Divide""Seeds""Golden Globes""Cosmic Whiplash""Convergence"Medusa Gets Her Gun"The Fitting Room""New Regency""Prosperity""Faberge"'Reflections'Tortuga"Lettuce Congregate"Inner CityFade to the FutureHomage The Trouble with RobotsDouble Dutch QueenThe Emo Kid and Lost BoyI am PagliacciGirl BlueHomage 2The MusicmanThe Staub BoyLittle FridaThe Elephant KingRed CloudSwimmersTempestAndreMoodswingerBeau BagginsBleedthroughPrelude to SenilityImmaculate Delivery of an Extrodinary Child"Transformation Complete"Blue on Contact
I like to think my work is emersed in a sense of wonder toward the world. We are derived from it, bound by it, and at least for now, inseparable from it. How can we not be obsesesed with it?

Art that I love mystifies me. It promotes a world in which beauty is appreciated in context. It creates a world within itself and provides unique insight and perspective in which the viewer can freely imagine the different meanings of its intent. In effect, my kind of art pulls back the curtains and allows the viewer to see into another existence. These places and ideals are not escapist or indulgent, to me they are sanctuary for our most personal identities, and home to the real person within.

In my own work I try to capture the fantasy that surrounds an idea and reveal the scope of its size. In a successful piece I can house a place large enough to seize the imagination and explore the many possibilities inside and around it. I believe that these imagined places are fountains to our hearts and minds. They re-hydrate our capacity to do, arrange, even change our minds. Reconnecting with our imagination can give us the courage to conquer our fears and change our status, perhaps even the very future. This mantra is paramount to me, and I believe the very process of it justifies our mistakes and our trial and is the fruit of our existence.

These paintings are all original works of art. Most are oil on canvas but occasionally I will venture back to acrylics or even watercolor on various surfaces.