WonderboySteampunk R2D2Thinker"Discobulus"A.D.A.M.Jesus-botAtlasThe MessengerNeoShortieBleaker"Sypher"White Rhino
In 2009 I began to familiarize myself and practice the art of welding. It has brought me an immense amount of pleasure and a new medium for my artistic endeavors. One of the first ideas I had in regard to using this new skill was to satisfy my inner child and make an honest to goodness robot. Turns out my inner child is avaricious.
The “bots” are a culmination of my new skill sets and an appreciation for the term recycling. As a whole my robots represent an external reflection of mans inability to identify the core nature of himself. Individually I think they display a certain off beat charm that is definitely in line with certain personality types. When I finish one, I look at it and know how it will act and what it would want.
Each piece is a one of a kind welded assembly of re-purposed items ranging from the everyday to the truly irreplaceable.